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Break 2.0

I kinda fell off today.

No, I take that back.

I didn’t fall off. I just took a 2nd break that technically I shouldn’t have taken – only with the workout.  I through myself off schedule when I went grocery shopping after work.  I figured by the time I cooked and worked out, it’d be too late to eat.  SO I decided that Saturday wouldn’t be rest day.  Friday, Saturday, skip Sunday and do it all over on Monday (with Thursday NOT being a rest day).

Dinner: Turkey burgers. They were bomb! But I didn’t make them. I probably should have.  My bud flavored it with seasoning salt and A-1 sauce.  I don’t normally use too much seasoning salt b/c well, it’s salt. But it was good.  It was juicy enough that I didn’t have to add cheese, mayo, mustard, ketchup…no condiments. Just a bun and the burger.

I’ll probably skip the snack tonight. I’m feeling kind of guilty for not working out and for “pigging” out on the turkey burger. -_-

No meditation yet. IT’S COMING THOUGH!!! It’s coming. I may have to wake up a little earlier or something.

I guess that’s it for today. 4 days in to the 21 habit-forming behavior. Let’s see if that theory works.


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