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I’ve been gone for a minute

…Now I’m back again. Hello blogosphere! Life is getting back to normal and I get to go back to doing things like I used to. I will admit I fell waaaay off the healthy wagon. I will WILL get back on.

Here’s the thing, when life happens its so easy to lose focus and lose passion. But it is in those moments when continuing is most important. I only wish I had done that – kept focused and maintaining my passion. It may have been what I needed.

But I also needed some me time. So what’s been going on? I’ve been putting extra time in my social media management company. I have a new client in Long Beach. And yes they have kept me busy.

Thing to remember: NEVER ever be to busy for yourself and your health. That’s where I faltered. Don’t you do it to. But it’s a journey and no one ever said journeys were straight forward and without obstacles! I had to take a detour on mine and in doing that take an extended scenic tour of life.

I’m back. I plan to stay back and I hope that you are back with me.


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