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Hello world!
I have been mighty quiet so here’s an update:
I am still unemployed but I am still trying. I registered with the Department of Rehab for job placement. They act as sort of a liaison between me and the employer. Let’s see how this turns out.

I was rejected by one law school but the other waitlisted me and I have an interview with them in just over 12 hours!!! Excited? More like nervous! Here’s the thing, my loans were discharged on account of me being totally and permanently disabled. If I go back to school I lost certainly have to take out a loan. Doing so will reinstate all my other loans. However if I have the chance to go to law school I have to take it. I will never forgive myself.

This is my dream!

Law school. One step closer.

Money. I need money for this. I am barely surviving as it is! Actually as I write this post I am speaking to someone about a work from home opportunity. Yes no guarantees but I have to try anything possible to get money. SSI isn’t giving me much and I get the max allowed!

Where there’s a will there’s a way and I intend to try everything that’s legal.

I have to make this happen for me. Thinking about it gets me so excited. In 4 years I will be T. L. Simmons, esq.


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