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Soon To Be – TLanice, JD!

Class of 2018

         Soon. But not soon enough

I’ve been away because . . . I GOT INTO LAW SCHOOL! Yes, after all my lamenting, I got in.  I am now a Juris Doctorate Candidate at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. I am at the end of my semester and preparing for finals.  Now, anyone who’s looked into law school will know (because I didn’t even after research) that your final grade is your ONLY grade. This means it’s all or nothing!


No other option

I’ve made a couple of moves since I’ve enrolled.  Me being me (remember: all or nothing), I scoped out every student organization of interest.  I am a member of the Latino Law Student Association, or LLSA, and a newly initiated member of Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, McComb Senate – which boasts members like Sandra Day O’Conner.  Yes, that’s who I named because #girlpower!  I immediately jumped at an opportunity to work with the Public Interest Law Committee and Public Service Program …working on my 75hrs of legal volunteerism.

In all, the second half of the year has been quite busy.  I still have a company, a home to keep, and a life to live.  Just 3 and a half more years before you can call me: T.L. Simmons, esq.


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