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What’s in a name?


We give life to people we’ve lost every time we speak their names so, #sayhername.  Say her name so that a year from now she is not a forgotten internet trending topic. Sandra.

What’s in a name?


Those people from our past have stories and we learn those stories every time we speak their names so, #sayhername. Say her name so that 5 years from now our children will know that she spoke out so the world knew that their #blacklivesmatter in the face of injustice.  Say her name so that her story will not be erased from our minds.  A Black woman, interviewing for a job – not a “hoodrat” running the streets – stopped and arrested.  A Black woman, asserting her rights and paid dearly, found dead in her holding cell. Sandra

What’s in a name?


Schools, airports, streets. All named after people from history.  From Founding Fathers to Confederate Soldiers to Civil Rights leaders and politicians.  Their names adorn signage all over our country because – respect.  #Sayhername because from now on, you will not be able to drive down that same road, where Sandra Bland was arrested, without it.  People of all races, occupations, creeds have no choice but to say her name when they drive down Sandra Bland Parkway.

It’s not justice. So do not be placated by this.  Her story still needs to be told, correctly.  We may never know the entire truth about what happened but we do know that until the complete truth is brought to light, Sandra Bland has not received justice. But until she does.  Until she can rest peacefully.  We WILL #sayhername.


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