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Day 6: Kuumba

Day 6: Kuumba

Habari Gani? Kuumba!

To stumble is not to fall, but to go forward faster. – African Proverb

Kuumba is the principle of creativity.  It is more than making art and music, or inventing.  It is about using your creativity to help advance your community.  As is a part of every process, there will be times when we stumble, but that doesn’t mean that we fall.  We stumble, we learn and we correct ourselves next time.  This way we reach our goal much faster than if we didn’t trip every now and then.

The Black community has a history rife with creativity that helped advance not just our own people, but the global community.  The stoplight? Carbon filament in light bulbs? Refrigeration systems in long haul trucks? The home security system? The creative minds in the Black community brought these to us.

Black creativity brought us the pyramids, cell phone technology and the laser-eye treatment and athletic gear.  It even brought us the Motown Sound!


Kuumba/Creativity Day

There is so much we can celebrate about our community.  On this day, focus on how the members of our community have developed ideas in such a way as to improve the schools, communities and our lives in general.  Remember the historical figures such as George Washington Carver, but also acknowledge the contemporary figures such as Dr. Patricia Bath.

Here are some things to do on Kuumba day:

  • Light the next GREEN candle and ask: Habari Gani? Kuumba!
  • Pour a drink in the unity cup in honor of those who passed before us.
  • Use this day as another day to uplift the community by focusing on the different ways Black creativity has improved our lives.
  • As a family, discuss how you have and will work to improve the community, the schools, and the family.  What do you think could be your contribution to the list of ways Black creativity has helped us prosper?
  • This days is about creating, so plan an improvement project for the home, school or local area.  This can be as simple as grabbing some friends and cleaning a park, to planning a small reunion.
  • Enjoy your Karamu (feast) if you’ve prepared one. Try a new recipe if you dare.

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