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Kwanzaa, Disabled-ly

Kwanzaa, Disabled-ly

Harambe Marafiki!! That means “Come together friends” and celebrate.  The celebration here? Kwanzaa, which I talk about here.  Then I began to wonder, what would the Nguzo Saba, or seven principles, look like if applied them to the disabled community?  What does Umoja or Nia or Imani mean to me, a disabled, Black woman? What could it mean for us?

Kwanzaa is traditionally a pan-Afrikan celebration.  That does not mean that if you aren’t Black, part of the diaspora, that you can’t join in.  I am inviting #DisabilityTwitter to celebrate the Nguzo Saba with me each day.

Over the next seven days, I will take each of the Nguzo Saba and talk about them in the context of the disability community.  Each day, I will link my original post about that specific principle to give you some background and some possible activities to do.  I invite you to participate and comment on what the nguzo saba means to you…disabled-ly.


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