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Day 4:Ujamaa, Disabled-ly

Day 4:Ujamaa, Disabled-ly

Habari Gani ya’ll!

The principle of the day is Ujamaa, or Cooperative Economics.  I love all the principles and besides Kujichagulia, this is a favorite.  Note: I have one more favorite.  You can read more about Ujamaa on my original post. And yup! Another principle I believe the disabled community demonstrates quite well.


For many of us, entrepreneurship is our livelihood.  And for many of us, our audience is other disabled folks and organizations.  We create online stores and sell pins, t-shirts, bags, original artwork, books. (We’re a creative bunch, eh?).  In other words, we build and maintain our own stores, and we circulate our disabled dollars.

That’s not to say we are rolling in the dough.  But it does mean we support each other’s endeavors.  I think it has something to do with understanding how hard it is to create income as a disabled person in many instances.  It could be hiring discrimination or it can be income limits to keep our benefits or insurance.  Whatever it is, we practice Ujamaa.  Sometimes, other disabled people are our only customers. We do a great job of not being crabs in the bucket.

I invite you, if you are a member of the disabled community, to post your business links in the comments.  Let’s continue to uphold the spirit of Ujamaa.


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