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Have You Heard About MOVE?

On May 13, 1985, Philadelphia PD BOMBED a Black neighborhood in West Philly. 6 children & 5 adults died.

This was the MOVE bombing.

Philly PD dropped the bomb on a home occupied by the MOVE Org. Philly FD, just let it burn. Over 60 homes were destroyed. More than 250 people left houseless. 11 people died, including kids

What did West Philly do to deserve this? MOVE wouldn’t move out. So the PD evacuated the area, got an arrest warrant and tried to execute the warrant. There was a standoff between over 500 cops…and 7 adults (with 6 kids). MOVE wouldn’t move. So after 10,000 rounds of ammo fired by police, the commissioner said “Blow this mf up” (I am paraphrasing). They flew a helicopter over the building and destroyed a neighborhood. One child and one adult survived.

Oh it get’s worse.

In 2021 (so, last year) it was revealed that Princeton University had possession of the bones of 2 of the murdered Black children and were using them in an anthropology course. The city alleged that no one claimed the remains. Which I guess means they can dispose of them however BUT the health commish at the time ordered the remains cremated and destroyed but, didn’t even ID the remains and didn’t notify family. This all came out in 2017. The health commissioner resigned. A day later a box labeled “MOVE” was found in their storage w undestroyed remains, and I guess gave them to the Ivy school. Here’s a link to a NY Times article.

And that my friends, is the story of how a group of government agencies (PD, FD, mayor, ME, health commish) destroyed a Black neighborhood for the sole purpose of removing some occupants and then used remains for PWI “education”.

Did I mention MOVE was a Black liberation group? 1985 wasn’t the first time the police came for them. Enter The MOVE 9.

In 1978, MOVE was located in the Powelton Village area of Philly. As per usual, they had their bullhorns and would announce their Black liberation views. Yes they were armed bc 2nd Amendment. Just like in 1985, the city was trying to evict them from their HQ, but MOVE wasn’t having it. Why? 1st Am is a thing they were exercising.

So 12 members and kids huddled in the basement while PD bombarded them with tear gas, flooded them with water canons (source). By 8ish AM, things got deadly. There was gunfire and a cop was killed. Police say MOVE did it. MOVE says police did it (friendly fire). 17 other cops and FD were injured (source).

9 MOVE members were imprisoned. 2 later died in custody. In February 2020, more than 40 years later, the last surviving MOVE 9 member was freed (source).

But these things only happen in other countries.

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