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About the Author

About the Author

Speak loud enough for so everyone can be heard. – Tiara S. Mercius

Tiara Mercius, J.D., is a New York native living in Long Beach, CA.  Tiara is a wife, a mother, and an aspiring lawyer currently working as a law clerk for in family law. She is also an author.

Tiara is a BKA (below-knee amputee) and has some amputated fingers.  Basically, she’s disabled. After multiple surgeries over the span of 10 years, Tiara made the decision to use her wheelchair full-time. It seems like an odd decision but, it was probably one of the best ones.  She’s become more mobile, more independent and more confident. Her four wheels opened up the world to her.

In 2018, Tiara graduated from Southwestern Law School.  She was a member of several student organizations, including the Trial Advocacy Honors Program, Black Law Students Association, Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, Latino Law Students Association, Public Interest Law Committee, and more.

She’s still writing her story.  So check back often for updates, articles and information.

Tiara is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Here are some of her past appearances.

“Sharing a World with Others”: Rhetoric’s Ecological Turn and the Transformation of the Networked Public Sphere

Part 1 Interview With Activist and Blogger Tiara Simmons-Mercius On Ableism, Law School, Pregnancy and Disability

Part 2 How to Confront Ableism, Racism, Sexism in the Medical Industry, On Social Media, and In School: An Interview with Activist and Blogger, Tiara Simmons-Mercius

Southwestern Team Reaches semi-finals at TAHP Competition

Wheelchairs On Planes: Why Can’t Passengers Use Their Own Onboard?

Disabled People Call Out Things Non-Disabled People Don’t Realize Are Offensive

#38 – Evolving Careers, Part 2: How Careers Aren’t Working for Women

‘A powerful shift’: Disability advocacy, once an afterthought in presidential races, gains new traction

A Starting Point for Disability Justice in Legal Education

Southwestern Recognized for Diversity by ABA Law Students Division

How Movie Theaters Are Failing Viewers with Disabilities

California SIAs Partner with Autism in Long Beach

Phoenix Literary and Art Magazine


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