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About the Author

About the Author

Tiara Lanice is a New York native living in Long Beach, CA.  At about 6 months old she underwent emergency amputation to avoid the spread of blood clots in her legs and fingers.  Without this surgery, she would have died.  By the age of 10, Tiara had undergone 13 different surgeries.  She used prosthetics during her K-12 years before making the decision to use her wheelchair full-time after high school. It seems like an odd decision but, it was probably one of the best ones.  She’s become more mobile, more independent and more confident.

Tiara now attends Southwestern Law School where she is a thriving student.  A member of several student organizations, and a leader in a couple more, she plans to plow full speed ahead towards her goal: Speak loud enough for so everyone can be heard.  She believes a career in public service will provide her with that opportunity.

She’s still writing her story.  So check back often for updates, articles and information.


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