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Stop Interabled Before It Starts

A couple of months ago, I shared a Now This tweet that included a video by a white man in a wheelchair. The text read: “People in interabled couples are often stereotyped as a burden or a hero, but this man offers a real, intimate look at interabled love.” This may sound harmless enough. 

When you click on the video, you can hear the man speaking. He says, “Our society is accepting now of interracial, interfaith, same gender couples, all kinds of situations…” In his own words he tells us this idea of interabled couples is piggybacking off of the language surrounding and the stigma attached to interracial relationships.

We must not cease critically analyzing a message simply because it’s being delivered by a disabled person.  Here is why that is harmful, a form of hate, and this term should not be mainstreamed. Read the rest of this entry


Can We Talk About Disability and Net Neutrality?

Can We Talk About Disability and Net Neutrality?

It seems every month or so there is a new call to action for a new cause.  Whether it’s defeating a racist, pedophile in a Senate race in a very red state (I’m looking at you Roy Moore), or saving healthcare, or saving the internet.  One thing that I notice is that in all these movements and, I guess protests (?), is that no one ever talks about how losing any of these would affect the disabled. At least not really.  It’s usually the disabled population who bring it up.

So I want to share with you a thread which focused on net neutrality and the impact that loss would be on the disabled population.

Read the rest of this entry

Labels, What Are They Good For?

Labels, What Are They Good For?

Answer: Not much.  When I applied for law school in 2013 I had to write a personal statement. That’s the case with pretty much any institution of higher learning.  I chose to write about my labels.  Some I chose.  Some where forced on me.  Some I rejected.  Some I embraced. Read the rest of this entry

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