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Life With A Mental Illness


Sandy Hook. Charleston, SC. Aurora, CO.  Virginia Tech.  Sound familiar? They should.  These are all places that experienced a mass shooting.  In each one of these, the gunman was said to have suffered from a mental illness.  Yup! Good ole reliable mental illness defense.  Every shooting and every election cycle mental illness is given lots of attention.

Not really.  Read the rest of this entry

Poppin’ and LOCin’: Day 1


I’m not popping anything over here – at all.  But I am LOCing!

Today we are going to talk moisture.  You know how plants need water to grow. Our bodies need water to be healthy, it’s basically made of water.  The earth is primarily water.  It seems that moisture is the key to everything.  That’s why moisture in all its forms are a deal breaker for healthy, natural hair. Read the rest of this entry

Pain Saved My Life

Pain Saved My Life

I remember the day night clearly. I’d spent the day at school, in class and volunteering hours for an on-campus organization. Then, I left to go spend almost 3hrs in an LA courtroom volunteering more hours.  I felt fine.  Nothing in my body hinted at  any type of problem. Read the rest of this entry

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