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How Le Pup Saved My Life

How Le Pup Saved My Life
I figured it’d be fun to let the public choose my next blog post.  The public has spoken and it chose a story about my dog.  Specifically, how she saved my life.  Normally, a community-chosen post would be for Patrons-only but, since I asked for public involvement, you all get to see it!
First of all, Le Pup’s real name is Shangela L. Jenkins.  How she got her name will have to wait for another post. It’s not what the public asked for…
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Stop Interabled Before It Starts

A couple of months ago, I shared a Now This tweet that included a video by a white man in a wheelchair. The text read: “People in interabled couples are often stereotyped as a burden or a hero, but this man offers a real, intimate look at interabled love.” This may sound harmless enough. 

When you click on the video, you can hear the man speaking. He says, “Our society is accepting now of interracial, interfaith, same gender couples, all kinds of situations…” In his own words he tells us this idea of interabled couples is piggybacking off of the language surrounding and the stigma attached to interracial relationships.

We must not cease critically analyzing a message simply because it’s being delivered by a disabled person.  Here is why that is harmful, a form of hate, and this term should not be mainstreamed. Read the rest of this entry

Dating, Interabled-ly

Guest Contributor: Melanie the “BedBoundBabe

I was well over 30 years old when I first heard the term “Interabled Relationship”.  Most know what a relationship is but, “interabled”?  My initial reaction to seeing a video circulating online was, “What type of #fakespirational, ableist BS is this?” This particular one came in my email and was titled “Extremely Cute Interabled Couple Discusses Love and Disability.”  That? That title? Ableist. Patronizing. Infantilizing – “Extremely cute”.  Eventually I saw another video without the completely ableist titling.  No, I did not watch the video. I make it a point to try (keyword: Try) to not give clicks to those types of videos.

Anyway, I was immediately turned off but, maybe I was late to the party. Maybe my disabled peers have a different take on this.  So, I took it to the streets…so to speak. Read the rest of this entry

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