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Week Two and Still Going…

Today marks 7 days since I began this journey.  I am one 7 days closer to my goal and 14 days closer to forming a “habit”.  We kinda slacked last week.  We didn’t workout the full four days like we were supposed to and…I had french toast. It was sooooo good!

Mondays are abs and arms day.  Needless to say my arms feel a little noodly. But my abs are fine. For now, I guess.

I’m a smoker.  My workout buddy and I are smokers. He more than I.  I’m not going to say I’m quitting, but I decided it was high time to cut back.  If I smoke on average 7 cigarettes a day, then for now I’ll knock it down to 5 a day and eventual less and less and yeah, at some point I won’t be a smoker anymore!



OHHHH I’ve been craving sugar.  Yesterday I was so tempted to go out and buy something sweet and bad for me.  What stopped me? I couldn’t decide what to buy.  And also I knew I’d be so mad at myself for cheating.

Meditation – it will happen. It WILL happen!


Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

It’s SATURDAY!!!!  Almost one full week since I began this journey.  Almost 7 full days since I made a decision to be a better me.  I’m not sure I’d call today a cheat day or not. I didn’t have sweets, I kept the calories fairly low and I worked out.

Back and Abs.

Tomorrow is an early day and then just an early week at work all around.  I did the worst thing I could do: I brought my work home with me! And then didn’t touch it -_-.  It’ll get done. Tomorrow is another day, right?

What’s on the workout menu tomorrow? Chest, Arms, Cardio and Shoulders.

I don’t know. I feel pretty good. I’m proud of me. I’m proud of my workout buddy. Yeah, we slip up but, it’s a work in progress.  All I can say is that if you have a goal, do all you can to get to it.  Of course it’s important that you make sure those goals are realistic.  The last thing you want is some out-of-reach aspiration and do all this hard work to get there, not get there, quit.  No.  I learned a long time ago it was important to set your goals and then set subgoals (those little things you need to do to get to the finish line).  But then, don’t stop there.  What happens when that goal is complete? Do you just … stop?


You make another one.  So. My Goal 2.1 is: after reaching an acceptable weight, I have to maintain it. Sounds simple, but it isn’t.

How’s it rolling world? What are you doing for you?

The First 21

I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Healthy eating and lifestyle habits, then, should become a habit in about 3 weeks.  That means by the end of August this new journey will be like second nature…kinda like picking up that Newport that I should think about leaving alone.

So this is Day 2 of 21 of forming an healthy habit.

I read a blog yesterday on about meditation – something else I started to pick up and put back down.  There’s a pretty good blog post that answers some common questions about meditating. Can I? Why should I? How?  So, I think I’ll add meditation in as part of my journey.

My days are pretty calm. I work in a law office and when I’m not there I’m busy running a business ( or volunteering with a non-profit, or working with my sorority, or taking care of my family/friends…other than that  my days are pretty stress free.  So why should I meditate? That’s for the stressed! No, not really. I’m sure that a good 5 minute meditation in the morning may help keep me centered at the office, right? Or maybe 5 minutes before bed to help quiet all the thoughts of the day.  Yeah, I’ll add it in.

Today’s workout menu is cardio and chest. Actually, I’m pretty excited. I have one of those dance video games.  It’s one of the few cardio routines I can do and feel good/safe. I do have a gym membership and they do have an upper extremity bike

Upper Extremity Bike

it looks kinda like this

But if you couldn’t tell by the picture, it’s not always the safest.  The seat isn’t deep enough, so users would have to lean on their feet for support.  Not safe. BUT! where there’s a will, there’s a way!! Right?!

30 minutes of sweat inducing dance followed by about 3 sets or so of chest routines.

I can do this!

Because I have to!


MAN!! That was worth every sore muscle I will have tomorrow.  My work-out partner and I did 2 sets of chest workouts – including pushups. Yes, I can do pushups.  Actually, I think I did it better than he did.  And he’s able-bodied!  Then we split up to do our cardio. He the bike and I dance.  I wasn’t more than 10 minutes in before I was like “DAMN!”  But every drop of sweat, every tired, lactating muscle let me know that it will all pay off.  I think an epson salt soak and some lavender bubbles are on the menu tomorrow.  Tonight, I’m just too tired, so a shower will have to do.

Dinner: Whole grain spaghetti, broccoli and cauliflower. Pineapples for dessert. Water.  That’s pretty decent, no?

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