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Support in a Time of Serious Need

Support in a Time of Serious Need

Hi All.  In the last post I shared what is happening with my family.  In this one, I am asking if you, and yes, I know you are strangers, would be willing to help us.  Losing someone is very difficult emotionally AND financially.  I am just asking for any help that anyone can offer $1, $5, believe it or not goes a long way.  Of course if you are willing and can donate more that would be appreciated as well.

Anthony is not gone, YET.  But the medical team are estimating that this week will not end before he does leave us.  With such uncertainty, and with the rapid decline in the last week, we just don’t know when and want to be able to do what we need to immediately.

I hope you’ll think about it and help however you can.

Thank you.

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