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Version 1 of my gallon water challenge was challenged by the Great Long Beach Blackout of 2015. So this is The Gallon Water Challenge 2.0.  The rules are the same: One gallon of water between wake-up and bedtime. It’s proven difficult.  I feel like my water broke everytime I went to the bathroom, like “I’m not pregnant and in labor am I?”.  Side Aside: Energy on just one day was through the roof!!”  Tomorrow lots of water. No soda AND I will try not to eat more than 4 slices of bread/buns.

Drink responsibly my friends.

The Water Challenge Chronicles

The Water Challenge Chronicles

So I accepted the water challenge.  I started the water challenge. I, well, I am not beating this challenge of water..YET!  The Water Challenge is a 7 day to 30 day (or longer) challenge to get us to drink a gallon of water per day.  It’s not necessary to actually drink an entire gallon, as long as you drink half of your weight in ounces.  I intend to drink a gallon.  I’m a big girl so that’s a lot of ounces.

Day 1:

I decided I wouldn’t carry an entire gallon with me all day.  That won’t work with me and my wheelchair so, after some elementary school math I figured I’d just have to fill up my 16oz bottle 8x a day.  I bought a 99 cent gallon of water and filled mine and my boyfriend’s bottle.  Yeah, I challenged him too. I’m doing this solo!  My bottle is infused with cucumbers. Yummy.  Next time will be mint.  Anyway, I also decided to start off a little slower than most.  Instead of an entire gallon in one day, I’d give my body a chance to acclimate to the change.  So 1/2 a gallon of water should be enough.  I barely made a dent in my second 16oz refill.  It’s my stomach.  I don’t eat much and fill up very quickly.  I also drank a kale smoothie for lunch.  I was stuffed!  I don’t even remember dinner.  End day 1.  Day 2 will be much more successful.

drink water pass it on

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