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I did okay-ish.  We did okay-ish. 

So, I’ve been talking about setting goals and making them realistic.  But there’s something I missed:


It’s so important to set a schedule.  That is the lesson I’ve been learning this week.  Last week was fine. We weren’t too busy, food was planned out.  This week was more of a struggle with the change in schedules.  My buddy and I didn’t really fall off.  It’s more like we fell back.

For example, instead of the three meals and three small snacks we’ve reverted back to two meals when we can grab it.  SEE!!! NOT PRODUCTIVE!  Today I ate a very late breakfast (brunch, really) and it took me almost three hours to eat it.  Why? Eating while I worked. NOT smart.  I know my buddy text and said he had only eaten one meal…that was at 7pm and it was a Subway sandwich.  Neither one of us have good excuses.  It just happened.  Now with his new, 2nd job the workout schedule will change.

Actually: It doesn’t have to.  My schedule is the same so I have no real excuse for not sticking to it.  This is for MY health and MY work will make it happen – partner or not.

Thursday is a new day though.  Everyday is another day to start fresh and fix mistakes.

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