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The Future of these four wheels

In December, I will take the LSAT.

Yes, folks. TLanice will jump headfirst into this crucial law school exam.  It’s SO stressful.  The score from this exam is your law school dream make or break.  If you score a little too low out of the range, you better have a kick a** application!

But, I can’t let the stress become overwhelming.  Actually, I’m not THAT stressed, just scared.  It’s times like these when finding an outlet is important.  I’ve turned to my workout mat.  Logic games ticking me off? crunch! practice LSAT score not high enough? lift! The workouts help in a couple of ways.

First – it’s a good break from the books. Too much cramming and studying can be counterproductive.

Second – It’s a great distraction.  If I’m busy counting reps or thinking of a new way to work my legs, then I’m too busy to worry about how much higher my score needs to be.  Let that be a worry for another day or hour.

Yes, these four wheels are on a journey.  They are taking me on a journey to a better self: mentally, physically, academically and professionally.


She’s BACK!!!

Back again!

My journey took a small hiatus (read: over a month or two) but I’m back!  I got a little detoured after dealing with the loss of my brother and all that comes with that.  Then I found other ways to be busy.  Then I felt like the weight was starting to increase so I had to buckle down.

Tiara Lanice is back! That’s what matters.  I do not quit.  Even if I disappear from the workout world.  In that time, my journey has changed a little.  I’m on a journey to a healthier me, but I’m not just on a physical journey.  I want an all around better me and in my absence, I’ve been interviewing for jobs in law offices and and AND…applying to law school!!  Yes, I have picked my #1 and will submit my early decision application – as soon as I stop procrastinating.  Mental and Physical.  Two journeys in one.

I don’t remember if I said it or not but, I want to thank whoever made a donation towards the arrangements for my brother.  I received a donation from a very kind person (thank you) and realized he isn’t someone I know personally.  So if you are a follower here, thank you so much.  Ever dollar helped somehow.

So back to the workout:

Today Me and the workout buddy did arms and cardio.  Actually, he did arms and cardio.  I just did arms.  The plan was to do arms, abs, and cardio.  That changed to arms and abs in the morning then cardio in the evening…I never got around to the last two parts.  No, it wasn’t laziness, I just didn’t manage my time too well.

Tomorrow is something else.  I think back and chest.  We shall see.

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