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I Still Say Their Names

I Still Say Their Names

There are times when I just sit and repeat the story of these unarmed black and brown bodies who were killed. I imagine I am telling it to a future generation

It plays out like this: Something happens and the teen says “call the cops!” But they are stopped. Teen comes to me and asks why. I tell Teen that we can’t be sure if the cop will see us as a victim or suspect. Teen insists his friend is a victim (of whatever) and that much is clear.

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Celebrating the Nguzo Saba 365

Kinara with the principles in place of candlesticks

The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa

Last December 2015 was the first time my household celebrated Kwanzaa.  It was a week where my boyfriend (yes, still boyfriend status) and I spent some time each day to discuss the Nguzo Saba (7 principles), have we upheld them, and what we will do to uphold them. Read the rest of this entry

Our greatest gl…

Our greatest glory consist not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
– Oliver Goldsmith

This is my mantra as of late.  Go ahead and face my perceived failures head on.  Just gotta make sure I rise up each time.  You know the saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try again”.

I’m trying again.  Loyola rejected me.  It’s okay, right? I have another school to try for.  Interviews not leading to jobs.  I will keep applying, keep hunting, keep hitting the pavement.  I recently interviewed for a job that I just KNEW I would get.  I had all the confidence in the world that I’d at least make it to the 2nd round and have a chance to truly show my work and worth.  It’s hard to remain confidence though.  I am not sure I got the job.  So I will interview and interview until someone gives me a chance.  I keep rising because I have to believe that one of these days (soon I hope) I will stay up.  I have to believe that the ground will remain solid beneath me. #lawofattraction


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