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The First 21

I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Healthy eating and lifestyle habits, then, should become a habit in about 3 weeks.  That means by the end of August this new journey will be like second nature…kinda like picking up that Newport that I should think about leaving alone.

So this is Day 2 of 21 of forming an healthy habit.

I read a blog yesterday on about meditation – something else I started to pick up and put back down.  There’s a pretty good blog post that answers some common questions about meditating. Can I? Why should I? How?  So, I think I’ll add meditation in as part of my journey.

My days are pretty calm. I work in a law office and when I’m not there I’m busy running a business ( or volunteering with a non-profit, or working with my sorority, or taking care of my family/friends…other than that  my days are pretty stress free.  So why should I meditate? That’s for the stressed! No, not really. I’m sure that a good 5 minute meditation in the morning may help keep me centered at the office, right? Or maybe 5 minutes before bed to help quiet all the thoughts of the day.  Yeah, I’ll add it in.

Today’s workout menu is cardio and chest. Actually, I’m pretty excited. I have one of those dance video games.  It’s one of the few cardio routines I can do and feel good/safe. I do have a gym membership and they do have an upper extremity bike

Upper Extremity Bike

it looks kinda like this

But if you couldn’t tell by the picture, it’s not always the safest.  The seat isn’t deep enough, so users would have to lean on their feet for support.  Not safe. BUT! where there’s a will, there’s a way!! Right?!

30 minutes of sweat inducing dance followed by about 3 sets or so of chest routines.

I can do this!

Because I have to!


MAN!! That was worth every sore muscle I will have tomorrow.  My work-out partner and I did 2 sets of chest workouts – including pushups. Yes, I can do pushups.  Actually, I think I did it better than he did.  And he’s able-bodied!  Then we split up to do our cardio. He the bike and I dance.  I wasn’t more than 10 minutes in before I was like “DAMN!”  But every drop of sweat, every tired, lactating muscle let me know that it will all pay off.  I think an epson salt soak and some lavender bubbles are on the menu tomorrow.  Tonight, I’m just too tired, so a shower will have to do.

Dinner: Whole grain spaghetti, broccoli and cauliflower. Pineapples for dessert. Water.  That’s pretty decent, no?

Get Ready – Go!



Several months ago (and by several I mean last year) I contacted Fitness Ladies after I saw a post on their Facebook page.  They were o

ffering fitness plans (diet and exercise) for a 5-week program.  I thought, “well, why not”.  Not only will it be a challenge for me, it will also be on

e for them.  Remember, I’m wheelchair bound and they hadn’t worked with someone like me.

Fast forward to 2013 and I think I followed the plan for about a week. That’s no one’s fault but my own.  But I’m at it again. And I intend to stick to it.

FL simply asked for a few pictures for my “before” and asked that I send in a new photo every 2 weeks – which I didn’t b/c I fell off the plan.  Like I said, I will stick to it this time. It’s for me.  Besides, they customized a meal plan and exercise routine to fit my needs.

Today was Day 1.2 (first day, 2nd attempt). I found a workout buddy and we hit the gym. We talked the night before about how we were going to tackle the food, gym and our schedules.  It worked just fine.  Day 1 was all about the arms and the abs.  Needless to say I felt the burn

during my workout and on the push back to my apartment.

I cheated a little with dinner: small baby back ribs, peas and carrots and a slice of wheat bread (toasted).  I kind of didn’t have an option.  It was either throw the meat out and waste money or cook it to get rid of it.  In my defense! I was light with the salt and generous with the herb seasonings. The bread had nothing on it.  Tomorrow will be better…because it has to be.

Tomorrow we focus on chest and cardio. Well, FL suggested wheelchair laps but since I don’t want to look silly in my neighborhood, I’ll just switch out the laps for some dance. Old African Proverb says, “If you can move, you can dance”.  Well…guess I’ll be dancing!

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