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One Step Closer…

December 7th has come and gone.  I took my LSAT!  Now it’s just waiting game.  I have about a week and a half left before I know the damage.  You guys, I don’t think you understand just how important this is for me.  LSAT scores (plus my application of course) determine, not just whether or not I get into law school, but also if I get into the ones I want.  Right now there are two at the top of my list.

Do you know what this waiting feels like? It’s like waiting for the results of an STD test after a weekend of “freelove” -_-.  It’s that serious.

Give freely, receive freely...just sayin

Give freely, receive freely…just sayin

I haven’t put my other goals on the back burner, though.  I’ve been a little less motivated but it’s still happening.  I’ve tried the whole save-money-use-the-apartment-gym thing but, I think the lack of other people is making it a little jaded for me.  I still have my gym membership so, I’ll be back in there.  ZUMBA EH!  I’ll admit, I do come up with a lot A LOT of excuses for not doing what I need to do but, as any GLO member can ask, “What are excuses?”  Answer: The tools of the weak and incompetent.

I am neither weak nor incompetent.  I’m a champion.

It’s true though.  I have a reason or two…or more for:

  1.  Not eating right (“Well, I don’t live alone and don’t want to have to cook two separate meals” or “Healthy food is expensive, if I just eat less I’ll be okay” or “I didn’t have time to pack a lunch before I left”).  I call BS on myself! I can make food that’s healthier for the both of us and still tastes good. I’ve done it before.  The farmer’s market just moved RIGHT across the street from me and if I can get over 3lbs of something for barely $5 why not?  And fine, there’s always the night before.
  2. Not working out as I should (“I workout better with a trainer but, they’re expensive” or “The equipment I need is not accessible for people like me” or the top excuse “I’ll go tomorrow at some point”)  Again BS on myself! Why? Because there are classes that are included with my membership.  Because I’ve already proven I don’t need special equipment. Hello! I’m a double-amputee and can do squats! Tomorrow’s today, point-blank-period.

You get it, I’m sure.

In OTHER news: I’ve invited my college friend “TW” of Success Weight Program to do a guest-post on my blog.  This girl…THIS woman is such an inspiration and I implore you to check out the FB page and blog.  1 year, 100 lbs and counting.  Ms. W is doing amazing things the healthy way and I can honestly say that watching her journey has been great.  I remember the days in college when we’d be up at almost 1AM ordering from a local spot called Crave Cave.  Yup, 1AM eating wings, wraps and whatever was greasy, because we could.  Not anymore.

Step One (revised): Find my motivation.  I think the ever-expanding rolls on my midsection and ill-fitting bras (I refuse to buy another size up) are motivation enough on the “looks” level.

Step Two (revised): Set a goal.  I promise myself that ONE YEAR from today I will be so many pounds lighter.  Because of my wheelchair it’s hard to set a weight goal, so let’s just say I’ll no longer be a XXL-XXXL but an XL or smaller.


The Future of these four wheels

In December, I will take the LSAT.

Yes, folks. TLanice will jump headfirst into this crucial law school exam.  It’s SO stressful.  The score from this exam is your law school dream make or break.  If you score a little too low out of the range, you better have a kick a** application!

But, I can’t let the stress become overwhelming.  Actually, I’m not THAT stressed, just scared.  It’s times like these when finding an outlet is important.  I’ve turned to my workout mat.  Logic games ticking me off? crunch! practice LSAT score not high enough? lift! The workouts help in a couple of ways.

First – it’s a good break from the books. Too much cramming and studying can be counterproductive.

Second – It’s a great distraction.  If I’m busy counting reps or thinking of a new way to work my legs, then I’m too busy to worry about how much higher my score needs to be.  Let that be a worry for another day or hour.

Yes, these four wheels are on a journey.  They are taking me on a journey to a better self: mentally, physically, academically and professionally.

I’ve been gone for a minute

…Now I’m back again. Hello blogosphere! Life is getting back to normal and I get to go back to doing things like I used to. I will admit I fell waaaay off the healthy wagon. I will WILL get back on.

Here’s the thing, when life happens its so easy to lose focus and lose passion. But it is in those moments when continuing is most important. I only wish I had done that – kept focused and maintaining my passion. It may have been what I needed.

But I also needed some me time. So what’s been going on? I’ve been putting extra time in my social media management company. I have a new client in Long Beach. And yes they have kept me busy.

Thing to remember: NEVER ever be to busy for yourself and your health. That’s where I faltered. Don’t you do it to. But it’s a journey and no one ever said journeys were straight forward and without obstacles! I had to take a detour on mine and in doing that take an extended scenic tour of life.

I’m back. I plan to stay back and I hope that you are back with me.

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