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It’s A Journey, That’s All

I breathe. I cry. I smile. I dream…just like you.  Just like you I have goals that I work towards everyday.  They may be centered around disability rights/justice, health, relationships, or my career.  But I have them.  And just like you I hit bumps in the road.  Sometimes I slam full-force into the biggest obstacles around me.

On a daily basis I confront ableism, racism, sexism, well…most of the -isms.  The thing is, it’s not just the obstacle around you, but how you tackle it.  Do you sit in front of it with your face in your hands because there’s nothing you can do?  Or do you observe it and turn it around in your mind as your figure out a way around it?  I fall in both categories.  Sometimes, some obstacles and stumbling blocks just seem too big to handle but, there’s got to be a way, a solution.

I choose activism.

The issues that I face may be a little different from yours because, if you haven’t guessed by now,  I am in a wheelchair.  These wheels do not stop me.  They free me.  Believe me, these wheels have presented some major external and internal challenges and setbacks but, estoy aqui. Here I am..

I live my life on wheels. Roll with me.

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