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It’s A Journey, That’s All

I breathe. I cry. I smile. I dream…just like you.  Just like you I have goals that I work towards everyday.  They may be centered around weight loss, relationships, or my career.  But I have them.  And just like you I hit bumps in the road.  Sometimes I slam full-force into the biggest obstacles around me.  The thing is, it’s not the obstacle around you, but how you tackle it.  Do you sit in front of it with your face in your hands because there’s nothing you can do?  Or do you observe it and turn it around in your mind as your figure out a way to defeat it?  I fall in both categories.  Sometimes, some obstacles and stumbling blocks just seem too big to handle but, there’s always a way.  History has shown us there is always a way and I intend to confront what life throws at me until I find that way.

My obstacles may be a little different from yours because, if you haven’t guessed by now, I call this FourWheelWorkout because I am in a wheelchair.  These wheels do not stop me.  They are just one more obstacle I have learned to get around because I refuse to be told that I can’t.  Believe me, these wheels have presented some major challenges and setbacks but, that’s fine with me.  It means my life is far from boring.

I live my life on wheels. Roll with me.


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  1. We at People Positive salute you Tiara Lanice. We salute you for not complaining when most would have. We salute you for making a conscious effort to create something that will undoubtedly become an inspiration and encouragement for others who are wheel chair bound, and want to lose weight. Keep up the good work and know that we support you all the way, one X at a time.

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