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An ADA Fail

An ADA Fail

Recently, I and a friend got into a “discussion” with someone who felt it was the government’s job to provide accessibility, not a business owner’s.  This person’s mind could not be changed, no matter how many disabled people spoke up and spoke out.

As I followed this “dialogue” it reminded me of the many times I encountered inaccessibility in government buildings or on government owned property.  Remember, this person’s position was that access is the government’s responsibility.  But if they can’t even make their own buildings and land ADA compliant, how do we expect them to problem-solve access for all American businesses?

Inaccessible Encounter 1: I was at a training for one of my clerkships.  We broke for lunch. I could have eaten in the building but, the line for the cafeteria was just too long.  I decided to go outside for lunch.  In my mind, I just knew it would be quicker, and probably cheaper.  This particular area has a lot of hills (Hi, one of the streets is called Hill Street, and it is the worse!).  I saw a plaza attached to a government building no far from me, and could avoid much of the hill.  Why not?! Right? Tah!! What I thought would be quick and easy, just wasn’t.  I can show you better than I can tell you.  See the video below.


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