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Or rather…”Happy New Years”.

I never did understand why people make it plural.  I think maybe it’s “New Year’s Day”… maybe.  Well, Happy New Year to my readers and followers.  Thank you all for sticking it out with me for these last several months.  My blog is just about as scattered as my brain but, at least it’s a true glimpse into me.

2014 is going to prove to be a landmark year for me. I have big plans. Law School, 3X’s lighter, job(s)…and this is the year to see what happens or doesn’t.

schadenfreude refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.  I saw that somewhere and it made me laugh so I had to repost it.

OH! Guess what?! This coming Saturday I officiate my first wedding! Didn’t I tell you? I am also a legally ordained minister.  I am marrying an LGBT couple from out of state.  It will be a small, but beautiful wedding.  I hope these two men are among those couples that prove why same-sex marriage was and is necessary.

Four more days. I find out in four days what my LSAT score is. I’m pretty realistic. It’s not going to be some stop the presses score but, I know I tried and I was as prepared as I could have been at that point.  Let’s just hope it’s enough for these schools to want me as much as I want them.


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