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Day 6: Kuumba, Disabled-ly

Day 6: Kuumba, Disabled-ly

Habari Gani?! Kuumba.

We are now on Day 6 of Kwanzaa, Disabled-ly.  Today’s principle is Kuumba, or creativity.  You can read more about Kuumba on the original post and see the types of activities you can do.

This principle is all about the creative living in each of us.  The disabled community is no different.  In fact, the disabled community gets creative even outside of the arts.  We have no choice! We a paint. We build. We sew. We craft. We write. We turn into MacGuyvers when we need to. (Do ya’ll remember him?).

Kuumba, Disabled-ly is a testament to our ability to overcome the structural/institutional barriers we face on a daily basis.  Whether we are figuring out how to live in an inaccessible apartment or do different tasks independently, we seem to figure it out.  Again, we have no choice.  I feel the best part is that we have no problem turning to each other for support as we ‘get our Kuumba on.’

There’s just one more night of Kwanzaa and on that night many people exchange gifts and enjoy a Karamu (feast).  Until then, how do you get creative?


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